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If you’re in the market for a leisure vehicle to help you adventure on weekends, you’re spoiled for choice these days. You could buy a boat and cruise up to the lake whenever you fancy, or you could opt for a camper that lets you loose in the wilderness. Alternatively, you could go for a third option from Turkish startup Sealvan that combines the two.

Simply put, the Sealvan is a caravan that can turn into a boat whenever you fancy cruising upstream, out onto the lake or if global warming means your campground is now flooded under rising sea levels. To do this, the Sealvan is fitted with a 50-horsepower Honda outboard motor at the rear and a folding swim platform to open the whole thing up to the elements.

Inside the camper, you’ll then find all the creature comforts you’d expect from both a caravan and a cruising yacht. This means there’s a kitchen with a sink, built-in fridge/freezer, a hob and even an oven, as well as ample counter top space for all your mise en place needs. To power the kitchen, lights and outlets inside the camper, the Sealvan is fitted with a 8960 WH battery pack.

A photo of the motor at the rear of the Sealvan.

What do you mean the kitchen isn’t a good place to keep an outboard motor?
Photo: Sealvan

Further forwards in the camper there’s space for two separate bedrooms as well as a dining area, which doubles as a relaxed seating space when it isn’t mealtime. There’s even an onboard bathroom with a shower to wash the sea off after you’ve been for a dip.

All this practicality is crammed into Sealvan’s 7.5m offering, which measures about 24 feet here in the Land of the Free. Thankfully, that 24-foot chunk is all taken up by a weirdly sleek looking machine.

From the outside, the Sealvan definitely shows its origins as both a caravan and a boat in its design, maybe slightly more so the boat side. Its sloping front makes me think of the ocean, even drawing a slight similarity to the kind of orca that might pop out of the sea and try and sink it.

A photo of a pickup truck towing a Sealvan.

Is it a camper, is it a boat? No, it’s a Sealvan!
Photo: Sealvan

Then the windows running along its flank look fresh from a luxury yacht, letting as much light into the space as possible. It’s a pretty weird creation, but I kinda dig it.

There’s no word yet on just how much these floating palaces could cost, but I don’t think it quite falls under the “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” umbrella. However, I’m fairly certain that If I have to ask, I definitely can’t afford it.

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