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Screenshot: Ohio DOT

The Cleveland, Ohio, police force employs a stable of eight four-legged officers, typically deployed for managing foot traffic during big ball games or parades. The Northeast Ohio city saw two of its own break out of the stables on a gloomy Saturday afternoon and lead police of the two-legged variety on a short chase the wrong way on I-90 between Howmet Aerospace and the Burke Lakefront Airport (BKL.). The two horses, named Jim and Larry, were ticketed for reckless cantering and traveling the wrong way down an interstate, but will likely have the citations thrown out because they know a guy at City Hall. Neither horse was shot for resisting arrest.

Prior to the escapade, Jim was described by the Cleveland mounted division as being “dependable in any circumstance,” while Larry was said to have “a great personality.” There is no word yet as to whether the officers will be reinstated, or be put on leave for their antics. Jalopnik has filed a freedom of information act request for the toxicology reports of the officers upon detainment, but no breathalyzer tests were administered at the time of arrest.

The horses were likely just trying to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather in Cleveland this weekend, heading for the beach to take a nice swim at Edgewater Park. If they’d made it to the westbound side of I-90, or managed to steal a police cruiser, they might just have gotten away without being re-captured. I-90 runs all the way from Boston in the east to Seattle in the west. They could have been pretty much anywhere in the country by now. Trying to head west in the eastbound lanes was the downfall of Jim and Larry. Now that they’ve tried to escape once, they’ll likely spend some time in solitary to avoid recurrent attempts.

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