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Prosecutors have charged a man with more than 100 offences, with the accused allegedly posting evidence online of his 260km/h joyride while he was still a teenager.

A 20-year-old man has faced court to answer for more than 100 charges brought against him, after allegedly driving at speeds above 260km/h – then reportedly posting evidence online.

Victoria Police members attached to Operation Achilles – the taskforce dedicated to combating hoon behaviour – arrested the man at his home in April 2023 when he was still a teenager, seizing his Mercedes-AMG.

According to a report from 9News, evidence was given in court which claimed the high-performance AMG had been modified.

The 100-plus charges have accumulated across more than 12 different incidents, with the man – from Berwick in Melbourne’s south-east – facing possible jail time if found guilty.

The charges include reckless conduct endangering life, reckless conduct endangering serious injury, speed dangerous, and racing another vehicle.

According to the report, the man has a twin brother who has also been charged with hoon offences.

It’s alleged the brothers swapped seats while driving at speed on the freeway.

The court case against the Berwick man continues.

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