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Police officers don’t exactly have the best reputation these days, and one Florida cop’s actions haven’t done much to improve that reputation. As Local 10 reports, on Tuesday, Detective Victor Manuel Montalvo was driving an unmarked Miami-Dade Police Department car when he crashed into another marked police cruiser. He then reportedly pulled his gun out, forcing the officer whose car he just hit to draw his gun as well, before Montalvo eventually dropped it.

You might assume something had to really go wrong to cause one cop to crash into another one, but in reality, Montalvo’s explanation for the crash was pretty simple: “I drank too much!”

Yes, according to the police report, he admitted to being drunk while he was driving. Surely, the crash took place late at night, so there’s a somewhat plausible explanation for him being drunk, though, right? Wrong. The crash actually occurred at about 12:40 pm. If you’re in Miami on vacation and have a few cocktails with lunch, that’s one thing — but you still shouldn’t drive. If you’re a police officer, we’re going to suggest not drinking while you’re on duty, even if it’s your lunch break, and especially if you’ll be getting back behind the wheel.

Both Montalvo and the officer whose car he hit were injured by the crash, although neither one was seriously hurt. Montalvo has since been charged with DUI and DUI with property damage and was released from jail this morning on a $2,,000 bond.

“I am disheartened by the recent incident involving one of my officers who was arrested for driving under the influence, while on duty,” Miami-Dade Police Department Director Stephanie V. Daniels said in a statement. She later added, “The officer has been relieved of duty and we will continue to work with the State Attorney’s office throughout the judicial process.”

Detective in unmarked car crashes with marked police car in Miami-Dade

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