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The sun is setting on Jaguar sedans, sports cars and SUVs with petrol and diesel power, as a range of new, more expensive electric cars is due to roll out starting next year.

The final Jaguars with petrol and diesel power are due to roll off the production line as soon as June 2024, before a range of new, more expensive electric cars arrives next year.

Confirmed to end production first are the XE and XF sedans, and F-Type sports car, which are built in Jaguar’s Castle Bromwich factory in the UK.

The reports present conflicting information on if the F-Pace and E-Pace petrol and diesel SUVs will finish up at the same time, or later in 2024.

The I-Pace electric car – which is manufactured by Magna-Steyr in Austria – is due to conclude production in early 2025, the reports claim.

They will be the last in the current line of Jaguar models – and the end of more than 100 years of petrol or diesel-powered Jaguars – before the brand is ‘rebooted’ with more expensive electric cars.

A new line-up of three models – starting with a long-range sports sedan – is due from 2025 with higher prices, profit margins and levels of luxury in a bid to target Bentley and Porsche, after the company’s current models failed to gain traction competing with BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

Autocar reports the initial model – said to be a sporty Porsche Taycan rival – will be followed by a larger SUV, and a full-size luxury sedan less focused on performance.

Drive reported last month on the final new Jaguar variant to be introduced with a V8, the 5.0-litre supercharged F-Pace SVR 575 Edition performance SUV.

The XE and XF sedans are still available to order in the UK, according to Autocar, though only in preset specifications and not custom-built to the customer’s desires.

“The majority of our products cease production in June, but they will be on sale for a much longer time,” Joe Eberhardt, Jaguar Land Rover’s North American President and CEO, told Road and Track.

“We will have a production schedule that enables us to have a continuous supply of vehicles until the new cars come … We’re trying to time it so we have enough volume to take us through to the launch of the new product and have a clean handover.

“Whether it will be as perfectly planned as that, we’ll see – maybe we’ll sell out more quickly, or maybe it will take a little longer to sell through the current inventory.

“But the plan is to sunset the current product portfolio and then launch the new ones,” the executive said.

New Jaguar teaser.

The new Jaguar vehicles are planned to be underpinned by a bespoke electric-car platform known as JEA, with prices in excess of £100,000 ($AU190,000) – similar to the most expensive models the company sells today – and all-new styling.

Plans for Australia are yet to be confirmed for the next-generation Jaguars, after the company reported just 581 sales last year – most of which (360 vehicles) were F-Pace mid-size SUVs.

The brand plans to sell fewer of its new models than its current line-up, but will charge more for the next-generation cars – and is expected to make more money on each vehicle delivered.

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