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Infiniti’s back to tease the 2025 QX80 that debuts in 15 days. Automaker executive Ivan Espinoza starts by telling us what we already knew, the ancient 5.6-liter V8 gets sent packing by a 3.5-liter V6. Espinoza calls it “all-new,” but this is in reference to the application. Parent company Nissan loves itself a TTV6, the GT-R given the codename VR38DETT, the new Nissan Z’s version codenamed VR30DDTT, the same mill formerly serving the Infiniti Q50 and Q60. The 3.5-liter displacement in the QX80 means its engine can be expected to be called the VR35DDTT. We’ve got output numbers at last, those being 450 horsepower and 515 pound-feet of torque, improvements of 50 hp and guaranteed-to-feel-it 102 lb-ft. That outdoes the closest Japanese competition, the Lexus LX that gets 409 hp and 479 lb-ft from its TTV6.

The 2025 QX80 is going to shift through a nine-speed automatic gearbox, the two additional cogs over today’s seven-speed providing a 40% wider range of ratios. Owners are going to get more performance down low and efficiency up high. Doubling up on the efficiency, engineers added active grille shutters to reduce drag when massive cooling isn’t needed.

Espinoza also cites “a new chassis and larger frame,” however, the QX80 is expected to ride on an updated version of the current SUV’s body-on-frame platform, Nissan’s F-Alpha that once served the Pathfinder and Titan, plus the erstwhile QX56, and still serves the Nissan Frontier. The evolution yields 57% more lateral stiffness and 25% more torsional rigidity. A new electronic air suspension with active damping keeps the hardened cage from becoming a punishment.

We get our best, albeit very brief, looks at the interior as well. The four-spoke wheel is now a two-spoke wheel, a la Genesis. The digital gauge cluster and separate infotainment binnacle morphed into what looks like a single, uncovered widescreen (composed of two or more screens), akin to what we’ve seen in several electric vehicles like the Kia EV9 and Honda e. The restraint and subtlety in these snippets matches what’s been done to the exterior, so far as we can see.

The livestreamed reveal happens March 20, expect a Monograph Concept plus some flourishes. A week later, we’ll get up close and personal for the 2025 QX80’s public debut at the New York Auto Show.

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