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2024 Tesla Model Y Performance Malaysian review – at RM290k, is the fastest Tesla on sale still the best EV?

The Tesla Model Y was launched back in July last year, but we’ve finally gotten our hands on a car that buyers will get. Not only that, but we were given the range-topping Performance variant, priced at RM289,700 excluding on-the-road registration.

We’ve already talked about the things that the 2024 model year gets (and doesn’t get), but in this review you’ll be able to find out how it drives, what it’s like to live with and whether the extra performance is worth the fairly significant outlay. We also tackle the elephant in the room – the cheaper, recently upgraded Tesla Model 3 Highland.

But first, let’s talk about the specs. Tesla doesn’t deal with a lot of raw numbers, but the Performance is, as the name suggests, the fastest Model Y on sale, getting from zero to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds on its way to a top speed of 250 km/h. Despite the speed, it’s capable of a range of up to 514 km on the WLTP cycle – or at least, so Tesla claims. Being a Tesla, you’ll be able to charge the car using the company’s Supercharger DC fast charging network, providing 261 km of additional range in 15 minutes.

Setting the car apart from the standard Model Y are the unique 21-inch “Überturbine” alloy wheels, larger brakes with red callipers and a carbon fibre rear spoiler. A lower suspension provides a sportier drive that befits the Performance’s status as top dog, albeit at the expense of ride comfort – as you’ll see in the review.

This being a Tesla, you benefit from a minimalist interior that’s dominated by a slick and responsive 15-inch touchscreen. Unlike the Model 3 Highland, the Model Y still has indicator and gear selector stalks, but the 2024 model gains privacy glass, full double glazing and updated Autopilot cameras, loses the parcel shelf and halves the available infotainment RAM from 16 GB to 8 GB (storage has also been halved to 128 GB).

While you wait for deliveries to start next month, check out the video below to find out what the Model Y is like – and why, despite the #BaikBeliTesla cries, this pioneering electric SUV is not the EV for everyone.

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